18 December 2023

Billions of dollars in investment and countless jobs are at risk as the Albanese Government plunges millions into the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) and stumbles on environmental approval reform.

The EDO receives millions in funding from the Albanese Government which they have used to frustrate job-creating industries across Australia, from resources to aquaculture – and on which now even the Australian Workers’ Union and the Maritime Union are sounding the alarm.

Additionally, Tanya Plibersek is miles behind on her own self-imposed deadlines to overhaul the EPBC Act which provides the framework for environmental approvals.

Shadow Environment Minister Jonno Duniam is frustrated by the Albanese Government’s approach:

“The Government’s attempts to change environmental laws are an absolute shambles. They are funnelling millions into the EDO and are well behind schedule on reforming the EPBC Act. Job-building and wealth-creating industries are getting a whack in every way possible.”

“The Albanese Government is enabling green lawfare and stifling billions in investment by funding the EDO. The need to revisit this arrangement couldn’t be more urgent.”

“The Government are out of touch. They are on the side of niche activists, not Australian workers and communities that would benefit from investment.”

“When the Government’s own union backers and the WA Labor Government are questioning the regulations and power of environmental activists, alarm bells should be ringing for Federal Labor to change the way they are governing.”

Shadow Resources Minister Susan McDonald said Labor’s divided, shambolic Cabinet was sending mixed signals to industry and crippling investment.

“The Resources Minister says nice things to industry but her fellow Ministers in other portfolios are implementing policies that directly contradict her,” she said.

“It is clear Labor doesn’t value mining and resources, and the fact even the unions are now criticising the government should prompt a serious rethink of how they are treating our most important industry.”