14 January 2020

On behalf of all Tasmanians I wish to acknowledge Premier Will Hodgman for his tremendous service and contribution as leader of a government and a political party that has achieved so much for our state.

His record in office speaks for itself, having led Tasmania through a time of unprecedented economic and cultural growth that has improved the lives of all Tasmanians.

Having served as Will’s Deputy Chief of Staff in Opposition and in Government, I know the tremendous man he is and the energy and commitment he had in serving the people of Tasmania since his election in 2002.

Leading the Liberals to an emphatic victory in 2014 and returning a majority Liberal Government for an historic second term, and with a huge record of delivery, Will leaves a legacy that all Tasmanians can be proud of.

There is no doubt that Tasmania is a much greater state today than it was, thanks to the leadership of Will.

I thank Will and his family for their commitment to the state and wish them all the very best for the future. I am certain that Will has much more to contribute into the future.