16 August 2019

Tassie timber in national spotlight that’s about to amp-up even more

Tasmania’s outstanding timber has taken centre stage in the national spotlight thanks to a campaign that is showing the country that our state’s wood is the best – and that campaign is about step-up even further.

For the second time this week, Tasmanian timbers including Blackwood, Celery Top Pine, Tasmanian Oak and Huon Pine will be features on national TV, this time on Better Homes and Gardens with the architecturally designed Seed House.

This follows a feature on an out of the box Tasmanian house with Tassie’s timber at its core on Grand Designs on Wednesday.

This is a testament to Tasmania’s world-leading timber, the extraordinary work of our sector and its more than 5,700 workers and is a result of the Tasmanian Government and industry’s Tasmanian Timber campaign.

Today, it has been revealed that the campaign will amp-up in the next phase, which will focus on teaming with key trades including architects, builders and shopfitters that is aimed at boosting the use of Tassie timber across Australia.

“The nation wants what we have, and that’s sustainable timber, produced under the stewardship of a responsible industry and a product that competes with the best in the world,” the Federal Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Jonno Duniam said.

“There is no doubt that the nation and the world is changing how it looks at Tasmanian timber and that’s resulting in not only a point of difference, but a selling point that will drive demand for our timber.

“Tasmanians should be proud of their forestry industry, because the fact is our forests are the ultimate renewable and Tasmanian timber is the best.”

The Acting Minister for Resources Jeremy Rockliff said the Tasmanian Government is investing $1 million over four years to 2021 with the Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board for this national marketing campaign to promote Tasmanian wood and wood products.

“The Government is committed to a strong and sustainable forest sector in Tasmania, which will provide industry the certainty and confidence it needs to make long-term investment decisions.

“Under our Government, confidence is up, investment is up, production has more than doubled, and exports are at a 10-year high. The Government is firmly behind increasing the value of this incredible resource to all Tasmanians through global awareness of its existence, and through greater emphasis on domestic processing and on island value adding.”

Tasmanian Timber Program Manager Claire Bennett said that the next phase of the Tasmanian Timber campaign would shift-gears targeting Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

“The next phase of the Tasmanian Timber campaign will shift from raising awareness to conversion with a clear call to action for builders, joiners, architects, interior designers and furniture makers to buy local,” Ms Bennett said.

“The aim is to reposition Tasmanian timber as a premium product, increase demand and ultimately the average selling price.

“Tasmanian timbers are most definitely at the top of what Australia has to offer, and it’s now claiming its place.”