31 August 2023


It has been four months since the Prime Minister flew into Hobart to make a $240 million commitment to a waterfront stadium, and he has had that time to secure a guarantee for our state to exempt that funding from GST calculations.

Today, the PM was asked to provide that guarantee and virtually told Tasmanians that he would not protect our GST, referring to a complex process that he is “working through” and patronisingly describing the issue as being “a bit of an argument about nothing.”

The matter is not complex, or an argument about nothing, for Tasmanians who rely on this funding for health and education, in particular.

The matter was not complex, or an argument about nothing, for the former Coalition Government who quarantined the in excess of $700 million provided for the Mersey Community Hospital to achieve the same outcome for our state.

Where are the Tasmanian Federal Labor MPs and Senators?