10 November 2023

The Federal Government’s bleak record on infrastructure funding is being compounded by the failure of local Tasmania Labor Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Carol Brown to retain Federal funding that is already allocated to our state.

The months-delayed infrastructure review sees the Albanese Government’s razor gang examine how many millions of dollars to cut from needed Tasmanian projects like the Midway Point causeway and the Tasman Highway. Meanwhile, they are allocating billions and billions of dollars to pet projects like the Suburban Rail Loop for their Labor mates in Victoria.

During a media interview today, the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Senator for Tasmania, Carol Brown, couldn’t even state whether critical projects like the Tasman Bridge or South Arm Highway upgrades would or would not be dumped from funding.

Any Tasmanian who transits these roads and bridges knows that they are in desperate need of an upgrade, which the Coalition Government recognised and appropriately funded.

These losses in funding for our roads, bridges and railway are on top of the $30 million that the Labor Government pulled from the Cradle Mountain cableway project.

Tasmania is losing out on infrastructure money from this Labor Government.

Local Labor MPs, including Senator Carol Brown and Cabinet Minister Julie Collins, need to get stop leak of Federal money and advocate for our state.