7 April 2022

Branching out into Farm Forestry

The Morrison Government has today delivered the Farm Forestry: Growing Together strategy.

Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Jonno Duniam said the strategy recognises the opportunities presented by farm forestry for both farmers and Australia’s forest industries.

“We’re seeing an increasing demand for timber products, as well as the development of new carbon markets that reward farmers for planting trees,” Assistant Minister Duniam said.

“We want to see a real boost in farm forestry, and that’s why we have put together the Farm Forestry: Growing Together strategy.

“This strategy will help farmers find the information and support they need to look at diversifying into farm forestry.

“When done in the right way, farm forestry complements existing agricultural operations by providing shade for livestock, protection of crops and waterways, helping to control salinity and preventing soil erosion.

“We recognise that forestry has a role to play in agriculture, but farmers and landholders need the tools and the know-how to integrate trees into their business.

“We’ve compiled practical information into one document so farmers can see real-world examples, and find the online resources, funding opportunities, and links to forestry associations they need to understand how farm forestry can best work for them.

“This will not only boost Australia’s plantation estate – it will provide an alternative source of income for Aussie farmers and make farm forestry an important part of our farming future.

“As a government, we’re working with states, territories, forest industries and landholders to identify restrictions on the uptake of farm forestry.

“This way we can empower farmers and landholders to invest in farm forestry and diversify their business while building Australia’s wood resources.”

For more information see https://www.awe.gov.au/agriculture-land/forestry/australias-forests/plantation-farm-forestry.