18 September 2019

Bridgewater Bridge commitment remains 

The need for a replacement Bridgewater Bridge is widely acknowledged – it’s a major election commitment funded within both the Federal and State Budgets, and it will be delivered.

Attempting to siphon funding from the Bridge replacement in favour of other projects is not a constructive approach.

To re-allocate funding from Tasmania’s biggest ever infrastructure project funded by a Federal Government would sell all Tasmanians short.

The Morrison Government is investing heavily in infrastructure around Tasmania and Australia, and we are happy to engage and consider further projects or initiatives. However it shouldn’t be a case of local Mayors eyeing off funding for major projects in neighbouring areas, particularly when a project like the Bridgewater Bridge is of major regional and state-wide significance.

The Bridgewater Bridge is part of Highway 1, and a vital freight corridor which underpins our jobs and economic well-being.

Tasmania lost the opportunity for a replacement bridge a decade ago after local Mayors and the State Labor Government walked away from a proposal, and we cannot allow this to happen again.

Tasmania needs long term strategic planning which includes a bridge which will not impede river traffic. The height of the bridge will determine for decades the type of future river traffic able to use the Derwent River. The Derwent Valley’s future potential could be compromised by   short-term thinking.

The Tasmanian Government is currently in the process of developing a final design for the bridge replacement to ensure the new bridge is fit-for-purpose and delivers a project in the best interests of all Tasmanians.

The Tasmanian Federal Liberal Team will always work with local Councils to assist with their particular priorities but we are not minded to compromise this vital piece of nation building infrastructure.