13 September 2019

Agricultural Protection Bill passes Senate

Farmers and their families will be protected from illegal farm invasions by radical vegan protestors under the Morrison Coalition Government’s new laws, which have passed the Senate.

Liberal Senators for Tasmania Claire Chandler and Jonathon Duniam welcomed the passing of the Criminal Code Amendment (Agricultural Protection) Bill 2019.

“Everyone deserves the right to go to work and earn a lawful living free from intimidation and disruption, and these laws send a strong message that illegal activities from radical extremists will not be tolerated in the workplace,” Senator Duniam said.

“The Bill introduces new offences for the incitement of trespass, damage to property, or theft on agricultural land, with penalties of up to five years imprisonment for those who promote unlawful conduct online.

“Importantly, it will also provide better protection for farming families who live on properties being trespassed upon, as well as alleviating the likelihood of property damage, theft, food contamination, and potential breaches of biosecurity protocols.

“I was also pleased to act on the concerns of the forestry industry by amending the Bill to cover wood and wood fibre processing facilities.

“This will provide better protection for our valuable forestry industry that supports thousands of jobs across Australia and should be afforded the same protection this bill provides.”

Senator Chandler said the new laws were needed to stop farmers being threatened and harassed by entitled activists using platforms such as the ‘Aussie Farms’ website to promote law-breaking actions.

“Many Australians were disgusted at the publication of the details of farmers online by the ‘Aussie Farms’ organisation, which directs radical activists where to invade. Often these addresses are not only the farm location, but also where farmers and their families live,” Senator Chandler said.

“Our farmers are critical to regional economies around Tasmanian and Australia. The industry employ hundreds of thousands of Australians, and of course it’s our farmers who feed the nation.

“The Morrison Coalition Government makes no apology for standing up for hardworking farming families.”

The Bill contains exemptions for the likes of journalists and whistle-blowers who lawfully disclose allegations of animal cruelty or other criminal activity.

The Senators’ contributions to the Bill can be viewed here:

Senator Duniam: www.facebook.com/SenatorDuniam/

Senator Chandler: www.facebook.com/SenatorChandler/