10 January 2024

Today’s Federal Court decision is another vindication of a science-based and sustainable industry.

The Court have rejected the claims brought by environmental groups that the North East New South Wales Regional Forest Agreement governing the industry is out of date and doesn’t take into account current environmental issues. These claims were dismissed, confirming this industry is world leading and its practices are conducted to the highest standard.

In welcoming this decision, Shadow Forestry Minister Jonno Duniam said it provided a clear message from the Court to environmental groups that the facts and science stack up – native forestry is sustainable and should continue.

Instead of repeated and vexatious attempts to shut down this industry and to interfere with decisions and laws made by the country’s parliaments, environmental groups would be better actually doing on-ground works, and conserving and repairing the environment, than clogging up our courts and wasting taxpayers’ money on green lawfare.

This includes Labor’s taxpayer-funded Environmental Defenders Office, who were a party to this case.