12 August 2023

Zero extinctions and zero job losses can be achieved if Tanya Plibersek accepts the invitation from Salmon industry leaders on a way forward to protect the Maugean Skate in partnership with industry.

“Industry have shown leadership on this matter and instead of waiting for further bureaucratic discussions and reports, Tanya Plibersek can act today and lock in a safe future for this endangered and special piece of Tasmania, the Maugean Skate.

The Minister now needs to show that she is willing to work with industry instead of against them by applying further restrictions and regulation which will probably not improve the future prospects of the Skate.

If the Minister does this, she can ensure that while delivering on her commitment for “zero new extinctions”, she can also do the right thing but the West Coast economy, 17% of the jobs of which are supported by the Salmon industry.
It isn’t one or the other