6 September 2023

Russell Hanson’s report on the proposed stadium points to the economic benefits that the stadium proposal brings Tasmania. But it also points out that the deal is not exempt from GST.

The deal struck to secure a Tassie team can be made better by ensuring that the $240 million the Federal Labor government is contributing to the proposal is exempt from GST calculations.

As Mr Hanson notes, even the worst-case financial scenario finds that the stadium will be significantly beneficial for Tasmania.

But we need to avoid the worst-case scenario, which included no GST exemption.

The Tasmanian Federal Liberal team and the Tasmanian Liberal Government have asked Federal Labor for this exemption.

Tasmania deserves a team and we deserve our GST – State and Federal Labor must ensure we get what we deserve.

Julie Collins, Brian Mitchell and every Labor MP in Tasmania needs to demand Treasurer Jim Chalmers protect Tasmania’s GST. Because if they don’t, that’s $240 million that Tasmania misses out on for our health, infrastructure and other essential services.