16 December 2022


Labor has again bowed to their Green coalition colleagues in today scrapping the eligibility of native forest biomass under the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

This decision is the latest in a string of anti-business attacks by this government, who promised to stand up for the forestry industry, and its thousands of workers, at the Federal election just six months ago.

As the Australian Forest Products Association has made clear today, there have been no projects under the RET over the past 20 years that have used native forest residues for electricity anywhere in Australia.

It’s in Labor’s DNA to attack this industry, as they are currently doing in Victoria and Western Australia at a State level.  And now, it looks like they may have promised the Greens that they would take this action on forest biomass as part of their deal to get their disastrous energy legislation through the Parliament yesterday.

Australia’s forestry sector deserves a way better approach than the one they are receiving from the Albanese Government.