18 September 2019

Labor must back Big Stick Legislation

Labor need to decide if they are on the side of Australians who want lower power prices and reliability, or big energy companies who are more focused on profits than customers.

Our Big Stick Legislation was endorsed by the people at the May election and will ensure energy companies are passing savings onto consumers, bringing prices down.

To be absolutely clear, the Bill specifically ensures that companies cannot be forcibly privatised when they are in public hands.  For Labor to claim otherwise is simply another baseless scare campaign (Mediscare, GST – both exposed as hoaxes) from a party that has nothing practical to offer Tasmanian and Australian families.

Tasmanians have not forgotten that power prices rose by 65 per cent under Federal and State Labor Governments, causing untold pain to family budgets and small businesses across the state.

It is past time for Labor to stop playing silly political games and back our strong plan that will deliver a fair deal on energy for Australian households and businesses.