26 October 2022


It’s been a day since Labor’s budget was handed down and not one Labor Tasmanian Federal MP or Senator has been out to defend the punishment being dished up to Tasmanians.

From cost of living, to local infrastructure, Labor have dudded our state and they need to come clean on why.

Far from Labor delivering on their promise to deliver a $275 power price cut every year, Tasmanian households and businesses are now facing an up to 50% power price increase. At a time when Tasmanians are dealing with increasing mortgage payments, skyrocketing fuel prices and more expensive food and groceries, Labor’s broken promise is going to hurt.

What’s worse is the apparent disregard for the essential needs of Tasmanians when it comes to health. It appears that there is no funding in the forward estimates for the Urgent Care Clinics Labor so proudly announced in the campaign. Hospital funding from the Commonwealth is being cut in real terms and there is not even a single dollar to resolve the shortage of doctors in regional communities.

Projects to help grow Tasmania are also in doubt. The $30 million for the Cradle Mountain Cableway is nowhere to be seen in the budget, and a project touted as the “MONA of the North” by the tourism industry may well be cut, along with the countless jobs it would create in a community that needs them.

And the so-called “rorts and waste” cut from the budget will potentially see important projects like the Holocaust Museum, the Hobart YMCA redevelopment and flood mitigation and essential services in regional communities cut, too.

The Albanese Government outspent the Liberal Party on its pre-election promises to Tasmania by more than six to one. Labor are more interested in talking about a new Stadium in Hobart than delivering on the promises they made to Tasmanians just a few months ago.