21 February 2020

Tasmania’s forestry sector has had a major win over the extreme-Greens that have been trying to shut-down the world-leading sector.

The Work Health and Safety Regulator has ordered the Bob Brown Foundation to cease all forestry protests, allowing Tasmanian forestry workers to get on with their job.

The Prohibition Notice directs the Foundation to cease forest protest activity until the Regulator is satisfied the Foundation is managing health and safety duties, and risks to workers.

Our Government strongly supports the right to peaceful and lawful protests, and equally everyone has the right to go to work and feel safe.

This is a major blow for the Bob Brown Foundation and is a clear demonstration that nobody is above the law – not even those who believe they are.

This is great news for the more than 5,700 forestry workers across Tasmania and the regional communities that rely on this world-leading and sustainable industry. Common-sense has clearly prevailed.

The Morrison Government proudly supports Tasmania’s and our nation’s forestry industry. Our forests are managed sustainably and our industry is innovative, well researched, planned and managed.