Superannuation reform package

What a difference a week makes when you consider the pace of debate in this place compared to last week. I suppose the current subject matter might mean a slightly lower degree of interest. That is not to say superannuation isn't important, but, for those in the gallery, it's probably a slightly dryer debate than [...]

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Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017

I have to agree with many of the speakers that have gone before me that this debate on the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 is an extremely important one; it's a historic one. And there is no denying that the Australian people have been absolutely clear in their verdict on this issue. That is [...]

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Youth political engagement

It's a pleasure to take an opportunity today to talk about something that has been an issue of importance to me since I was elected to this place a little over 18 months ago and something I've spoken about at community events and in media interviews since, and that's the issue of young voter engagement [...]

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Tasmanian tourism

Mr President, congratulations on your first adjournment. It's a very short one tonight. While you are not a Tasmanian, given Melbourne was planned out from the Tasmanian city of Launceston, you are the next best thing! Tonight, it is my great pleasure to rise and speak on the great and wonderful Tasmanian tourism industry. On [...]

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University of Tasmania

I am here to talk about Tasmania. I might be a little bit Tasmania-centric, but I suppose that's what I'm paid to do! As I am a proud product of the University of Tasmania, along with many other past and present colleagues from Tasmania who attended the University of Tasmania, that's my topic today. It's [...]

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Energy Policy

I would like to kick off where Senator Dastyari started. I look forward to that very constructive, positive alternative approach to bringing down power prices, because to date I have seen nothing. I have seen a history lesson—raking over the coals of history; pardon the pun—in this debate. There has been talk of every position [...]

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Broadcasting Reform

It is a delight to be able to contribute to the debate on the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Reform) Bill 2017. Like many of those who have spoken on the debate already, it is important to start off by pointing out that the reforms we're debating here that are included in this legislation are indeed [...]

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Aged Care workforce

It's always a delight, and somehow I always have the good fortune, to follow Senator Polley in debates. It's a Tasmanian thing. We travel everywhere together in pairs, and here we are again. It is a pleasure to be able to rise to speak on Senator Hinch's Aged Care Amendment (Ratio of Skilled Staff to [...]

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Economic policy and communism

We have almost cleared out the gallery. It is little wonder, I have to say, when you look at the silly MPI we are debating today. It is, frankly, something that leaves little wonder to understanding why Australians seem to have lost faith in what we do in this place. Nonetheless, here I am contributing [...]

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Tasmanian dairy industry

I'll start by inviting Senator Rice to spend some more time in Tasmania, where we don't have a single toll road. It's a great part of the country. We're very proud of it. I rise today to continue my theme on senators' statements to highlight the positive things coming out of Tasmania. It's always a [...]

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