28 October 2019

Australia Institute fail with latest push-poll

The left-leaning Australia Institute’s latest misleading and blatantly skewed push-poll regarding the Tarkine has confirmed yet again they have no credibility in Tasmania.

It is simply embarrassing that the Australia Institute are claiming support for their position from polling that doesn’t even try to hide its obvious bias.

It confirms the Australia Institute have nothing to offer and are simply a mouthpiece for the Greens- which is hardly surprising considering the Institute’s Tasmanian Director, Leanne Minshull is in fact a board member of the Bob Brown Foundation.

If the Greens and their allies want actual evidence regarding a Tarkine National park, I suggest they look at the last two state elections when the Greens have put this exact position to the people- and been emphatically rejected both times, especially in Braddon.

While the Australia Institute can keep wasting time on anti-forestry propaganda such as this, Tasmanians can rest assured that I and my State colleagues are committed to our well-managed and sustainable forestry industry that supports so many Tasmanians in our regional communities.